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Jump to content. Is there anyone who doesn’t have enough of that in their garage? I for one bought my preferential matchmaking tanks because being bottom tier is not fun. The last thing I want is more of them. Removing the preferential matchmaking from the PMM tanks is going to have practically zero impact on this matter. I’d imagine that game breaking problem tanks would’ve removed from sale now before their existence finally explodes the whole game. They also sold E at the same time. But hey, this is probably just me being cynical right? This is all just lies and propaganda. Problems solved.

BT-SV, locust, PZ IIJ and KV-5 bundles

The KV-5 is a Soviet tier 8 premium heavy tank. Development began in June at the Leningrad Kirov Plant and was completed by August, but plans were interrupted due to the complicated situation on the front. The KV-5 was to utilize some components of the KV A new turret was designed, incorporating the mm ZIS-6 gun.

Good day everyone, So here are the known changes to the KV-5 as they actually make it competitive, but only with preferential matchmaking.

The first issue comes from the main feature of preferential Premiums—tier-range balance. But the new matchmaker struggles with these machines. It takes more time and computations for the tool to balance them properly, which extends queuing time. This is what happens next: the matchmaker starts grabbing an excessive number of Tier IX tanks to fill up team rosters for preferential Premiums, so they become deficient when it comes to forming teams for Tier X machines. Come here, little fellas.

The second issue is preferential Premiums’ combat specs. They always were lower than what the competition had—for the sake of balance. After 9.

World of Tanks: The End of Preferential Premiums

Do you not understand how bad the kv-5 is right now? EVERY game is a death sentence. On the other hand though, this would probably make the Defender, Patriot, etc. If thes get true with this KV5 nerf its a big nerf to all smm tanks… then can also nerf all other prem tanks.

The KV-5 is only attractive because of its premium matchmaking, but the IS-6 is probably a better tank overall. The M22 Locust doesn’t seem.

The KV-5 is one of the older tier 8 premium heavy tanks in World of Tanks. Its massive size, odd armor scheme, and atypical gun for a Russian tank makes it interesting to play. Personally the KV-5 was my first tier 8 premium tank and in the early days are looked at differently. This is strange for a Russian heavy since they often have hard hitting guns for their tier with decent penetration. The KV-5 however has neither since this gun is found on much lower tier Russian heavy tanks.

With 7. For a tier 8 heavy this is at the top of the class by a decent margin. When you factor in not seeing tier 10 tanks the gun starts to look a little better given the poor penetration. With all things considered the gun is best for fighting tanks without a lot of armor. Tanks with easy to hit weak spots are also capable of being taken on confidently. Tanks like these will need to be flanked to cause reliable damage even with APCR in play.

Perfecting Preferential Premiums (KV-5 nerf)

Indoor Man: You missed one important difference between a regular KV-5 and the Gorynych: during the Monsters Awaken event held during Halloween, when played on the Dead City map, it’s AP shots become short-range fireball mortars, it’s HE rounds become a massive-damage flamethrower, and it regenerates lost hit points over time. During that time, in the right hands, Gorynych nigh-unkillable.

It’s back again this year. And it awakens October 27th through November 1st. If you missed it last year, it can be bought again. The news article from Wargaming suggests it will be earnable this year, a change from last.

Kv 5 matchmaking – Vehicle Type War thunder wiki, I feel like the templated matchmaking system was a great step forward.

Wot anonymizer xvm. The feature doesn’t make you invisible, so the Administration may take action against players exhibiting unsportsmanlike behavior. In other news, I turned the Anonymizer off again, because XVM blocks you from seeing other people’s stats if you do. I’m going to also guess that more folks that want the stats will just turn the anonymizer off than dump XVM. At the moment, more than players around the world are actively using this mod World of Tanks.

Then as you point out there are those that like it’s non stat components that will use it even though afaik are all available in modpacks without XVM.

KV5 now pretty much useless.

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8, KV IS FCM 50t. T26E4 Superpershing. M6A2E1. WZ T Type 8,8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger. Tank Tier, Tank type \ Battle level, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5​.

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preferential Matchmaking Tank isssues? – Whats going on

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Preferential Matchmaking tanks, one of the first selling points for many Tier VIII Premium tanks, where they used to be a bit worse than their regular counterparts, but with their limited matchmaking players could still enjoy them. With the release of Update 9. Wargaming has admitted this problem and promised a solution, but is this solution ideal or just an easy path to get rid of Prefential Matchmaking all together? But is this really the ideal plan, removing something unique and that was the main selling point for these vehicles?

Compensation has been the number one flag if any of these changes would ever make it to the game, with players either demanding for a refund or some other kind of compensation for having a tank they bought with their hard earned money changed. But, instead of taking a traditional approach to the problem, Wargaming decided to make things interesting. Players who own a preferential Premium will have two options:.

The problem with this trade-in is, the exchange can cost up to 2, Gold! Of course, this can still change and I strongly hope so, but asking players to pay more to swap an asset is going a bit too far. Compensation should give some options to these players, like for example:. I can agree Wargaming maybe should have never released tanks with preferential matchmaking, but the matchmaker was very different back then.