How Atomic Particles Helped Solve A Wine Fraud Mystery

Physicists at Bordeaux University have developed a method of dating wine by measuring its radioactivity. Philippe Hubert and his team used the same principle as carbon dating to calculate the age of wine by measuring its caesium levels — the amount of radioactive material it contains. Wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace and Corsica dating from can be differentiated according to caesium levels. The research is funded by the French fraud office. Their laboratory was installed to check vintages after recent fraud cases although where higher sensitivity is required, the experiments are performed in a high-security underground laboratory on the French-Italian Alpine border. Previous experiments have been able to date wine approximately using carbon decay, but required the wine to be opened, evaporated and burned, using the ashes for measurements. Hubert and his team produced initial measurements in this way, but the new technique means the vintage can be checked without opening the bottle. The research used bottles of Bordeaux with certified provenance for every vintage between and

Wine dating cesium

As long as rich men are willing to pay exorbitant amounts for old, fermented juice, there will be schemers willing to dupe them out of their money. But if you’re dropping a cool half million on four bottles of wine supposedly owned by Thomas Jefferson true story , you want to make sure you have the real thing, right? You can, thanks in part to the atomic bomb. The art of wine forgery isn’t really about creating an authentic-tasting wine; the bottle is equally important.

Phillips Hubert’s scientific paper showed no caesium in wine before So all atom bombs before this date are fake. So probably all.

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Scientific research, even if reviewed by the most respected Academics, may, in fact be fraudulent. He and his team had to retract claims published in Science about embryonic stem cell research. The claims had been carefully peer-reviewed but nevertheless the research was later proven to be fraudulent and subsequently withdrawn. The atomic bomb explosion. Consequently a bottle of wine dated before or after this time by testing for Cs.

Another well-known case of wine fraud involving Koch was when he sued Rudy Kurniawan who had put a quantity of grand cru Clos Saint-Denise and Laurent Ponsot on the market.

Fukushima disaster leaves trace on Californian wines

Amanda Grennell Amanda Grennell. In an underground lab covered by nine feet of concrete and compacted dirt, two nuclear physicists hunt for fraudulent wine. Their method is unusual — they measure radiation coming from the wine itself, without ever opening the bottle. Now in a new preprint study , Michael Pravikoff and Philippe Hubert at National Center for Scientific Research and University of Bordeaux in France show the radiation from the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant made its way into California wine.

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July 24, report. Michael Pravikoff and Philippe Hubert have written a paper describing their study and have posted it on the arXiv preprint server. Prior research has shown that after nuclear accidents such as the Chernobyl disaster in , isotopes such as cesium a radioactive byproduct produced by fission of uranium can be absorbed by plants. Where they wind up is generally dependent on geography and the direction of the wind.

Grape vines are one such plant that can be impacted by the isotope—it can show up in wine produced from the grapes. In , one of the researchers in this new effort discovered that he could date bottles of unopened wine by testing them for cesium levels. Such levels are not considered dangerous for humans, however, because they are too low. In this new effort, Hubert and his colleague Michael Pravikoff wondered if the same situation might now be the case for wines made in California after the Fukushima disaster—prior research by other teams had shown that some degree of fallout had made its way across the Pacific Ocean.

To find out, the pair used the same technique used to test bottles of wine produced after Chernobyl—namely, using sensors to measure gamma rays in proportion to the isotope levels emitted from unopened bottles. The researchers report that this approach failed—likely because the levels of the isotope were too low. Undeterred, they opened some of the bottles and tested them more closely.

This resulted in reducing the wine to ash.

Dating of wines with cesium-137: Fukushima’s imprint

One of dating most obvious signatures is cesium, a radioactive by-product of dating fission of wine After release into california atmosphere, cesium was swept around the world and found its way protection the food supply in trace quantities. Such an addition is rarely welcomed. But in , cesium French pharmacologist Philippe Hubert discovered that he could use this signature to date wines without opening the bottles.

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But if they discover that they’re holding hundreds of bottles of worthless wine they using low-level gamma ray detection for Cesium (Ce) to date wine.

Following the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident , radioactive waste leaked into surrounding areas and contaminated waters and food. Seven years later, traces of the disaster were found half a world away — in California’s wine. Cabernet sauvignon, for example, had double the amount. The researchers used two methods to look for traces of a radioactive isotope called cesium The first method was developed about 20 years ago and could detect the particles through the wine bottle, without destroying or opening it.

Since the presence of cesium prior to is impossible it’s a man-made isotope first released into the surroundings by nuclear testing in the midth century , it has proven quite effective for detecting fraud in old vintage wines, according to the study. For a more accurate detection, the researchers destroyed the wines through heating and reducing them “to ashes,” they wrote. They tested for the cesium in those ashes.

There are no “health and safety concerns to California residents,” the California Department of Public Health told the Times. The levels of radioactive toxins found in food and drinks outside of Japan is too low to be dangerous , according the World Health Organization.

Dating of wines with cesium-137: Fukushima’s imprint.

The infamous Hardy Rodenstock Jefferson bottles. Photo: New District website. Wine fraud is a phenomenon with an enduring fascination. In May this year, German wine collector Hardy Rodenstock, long suspected of wine fraud, died and with him went the secret of the supposed hidden Parisian wine cellar in which he claimed to have discovered bottles of wine from the late s that had been owned by Thomas Jefferson.

I’m guessing it’s based on the paper From the mass of the neutrino to the dating of wine from scientists at the Centre Etudes Nucléaires de.

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Full listing of wine dating parties.

Fukushima’s nuclear signature found in California wine

The government warned about contaminated seafood around Japan, and toxic water, sludge and rubble. More frighteningly, radioactive wild boars marauded Japanese towns and attacked people. In the case of the cabernet, the levels of the radioactive materials doubled. The French research team has in recent years examined wines from around the world, trying to correlate the level of radioactive material with the date the wine grapes were picked. Wines made around major nuclear events, including American and Soviet nuclear tests during the Cold War and the Chernobyl accident, should show higher levels of radioactive isotopes, called cesium, according to the researchers.

Dating of wines with Cesium Fukushima’s imprint. M.S. Pravikoff.,. P. Hubert​. e-Print: [6]. Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva. How Atomic Particles.

It’s hard to feel sorry for Bill Koch. His less-than-modest Florida home features original works of art by Picasso and Monet and a wine cellar containing some of the most expensive and scarce vintages in the world. It also contains several hundred bottles of “moose piss” [source: Stephens ]. The phony bottles of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild from and handblown relics reportedly owned by Thomas Jefferson were forged by enterprising wine dealers-turned-fraudsters who “aged” fake labels with coffee grounds, tampered with corks and passed off grocery-store hooch for the finest of fine wines.

You could argue that wine fraud is a victimless crime, since the people who “suffer” still have billions to spare. Kurniawan’s defense lawyers used that very argument in a vain attempt to reduce the forger’s sentence.

cesium 137

When reactors exploded and melted down at the Fukushima nuclear power complex in March , they launched radioactivity from their ruined cores into the unprotected environment. Some of this toxic radioactivity was in the form of hot particles radioactive microparticles that congealed and became airborne by attaching to dusts and traveling great distances. However, the Fukushima disaster is only the most recent example of atomic power and nuclear weapons sites creating and spreading these microparticles.

Prior occurrences include various U. While government and industry cover up this hazard, community volunteer citizen science efforts — collaborations between scientists and community volunteers — are tracking the problem to raise awareness of its tremendous danger in Japan and across the globe.

In , French pharmacologist Philippe Hubert discovered that he could use the presence of cesium to date wines without opening the.

The same is true of the wine industry. The idea was then to see if, as was the case in Europe following the Chernobyl accident, if we could detect a variation in the cesium level in these wines. As detailed in the table below, a radiation spike was detected within the wines of SW France following the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine.

Consequently, a typical bottle of Californian Cabernet Sauvignon doubled its cesium activity from about 7. The spike in radiation observed following the Chernobyl incident in wines from SW France in the s was more strongly felt than the impact caused by Fukushima upon Californian wines, and in any case all levels of radiation detected have not been deemed a concern to public health. Since the advent of nuclear weapons and associated tests, every bottle of wine, and food in general, has contained some detectable level of cesium In a bottle of wine could expect to have had levels of cesium hundreds of times the amount found now, due to the level of atomic testing taking place at the time.

Consequently, any bottle of wine from the vintage onwards although some argue will contain trace levels of cesium, making a radioactivity test capable of weeding out fraudulent wines. Radioactivity levels detected in wines from SW France. Vetter said people may not realize that they are exposed to radiation constantly and that levels of leftover nuclear radiation, such as that which leaked from the Fukushima plant, may be lower than naturally occurring levels in everyday life.

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First there was the earthquake and the tsunami. Then the three meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in March of , followed by a radioactive cloud that made its way across the Pacific Ocean to grapes growing in California. Now scientists are asking: do the wines that were eventually made from those grapes, including ones that were grown in Napa, today carry radioactive traces of the tragedy?

In another interesting example of radioactive dating, hydrogen-3 dating has been vintage requires the measurement of the activity of cesium in the wine.

Inspired by similar tests conducted in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster , the French team decided to analyze the California wines for traces of radioactive particles, specifically cesium, a man-made isotope. Their findings, newly published in the pre-print online journal Arxiv , suggest that currents and atmospheric patterns carried radioactive particles across the Pacific, where they settled on grapevines growing in California’s wine regions.

The team writes that bottles produced following the nuclear meltdown contain increased levels of cesium, with the cabernet revealing double the amount of pre-Fukushima radiation. This method, which allows researchers to conduct tests on unopened bottles, is a key tool in detecting wine fraud, or the mislabeling of newer wines in order to inflate their prices. After failing to detect cesium in the unopened bottles, the physicists vaporized the wine.

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Fukushima’s Nuclear Imprint Is Found in California Wine (Drinkers, Don’t Panic)

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Dating the wine is a simple process of matching the amount of cesium to atmospheric records from the time the wine was made.

Researchers have found the ‘signature’ of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in some California wine. A report from the MIT Technology review says traces of cesium are present in California-made wines Cabernet Sauvignon from the period just after the Fukushima incident. In March, An earthquake triggered a meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

The disaster resulted in an atmospheric increase in cesium, a radioactive byproduct of the meltdown. In , French pharmacologist Philippe Hubert discovered that he could use the presence of cesium to date wines without opening the bottle.

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