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Drupal is a dynamic CMS that can serve your company’s website needs. Finding a partner who can help you maintain your Drupal site, though, is incredibly challenging. That’s why we’ve created this list of the best Drupal developers for you to review. Read through company descriptions, former clients, and notable projects to find the best fit for your business. Unleashed Technologies is a full service digital agency founded in and located in Columbia, MD. The agency has around 40 employees who are experts in web development, mobile app development, and web design. Unleashed Technologies created a new website for a CPA society. The client was happy with the new site and said that it had received praise from others in their industry. I appreciate their planning, rigor, and transparency.

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Drupal dating site module – Men looking for a man – Women looking for a woman. How to get a good woman. Homogeneous distribution aug 17, – 3!

Experienced IT professional looking to develop a proximity based Food and Drink delivery platform with the following top level features for the following actors:. Hello, Yes we are ready to build food and drink delivery website for you. So, I am Drupal expert here with more than 8 Plus. H Plus. Hi There, I can definitely help you to develop a proximity based Food and Drink delivery platform with required features and functionalities. Hi, I am an talent flutter app expert.

As you see on my profile, i have built lots of Food and Drink Delivery flutter apps for 5 years. I have rich experiences in restaurant order management system, social app, dating Plus. Hi, I can design and develop a Food and Drink delivery platform. Delivery app: [login to view URL] I can design and develop a similar one for you. Yes, In recent I have developed a food delivery mobile application so I have the skills to develop such a platform.

Please take a look at mine recently dev Plus. Hi I am a technical evangelist, developer and can do this task for you. I have more than 15 years of experience in software development and am a Microsoft certified professional.

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software dating from early s, the decision has been made to switch to Drupal. with Croatian National Tourist Board to migrate all content and to make it happen on Drupal 8. Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen.

This website with complex custom Drupal modules implemented by us was successfully migrated to Drupal 7, and got a “facelift” – we implemented a custom responsive theme for it. This was a challenging project, and we all – our team and our customer – celebrated its completion! Here we were given a partially done Drupal 8 back-end for the website. It appeared to be in quite a bad state – hacked modules, not a “Drupal way” coding, etc.

Our job was to theme this website and to implement some new features. Of course, it was quite a difficult task given the fact that the code base was not reliable. So we had to apply various fixes on the way. It was a very challenging project, but we managed to deliver the updates our client requested. You can also create private mind maps and open or closed groups. We implemented it based on Drupal 8 Open Social distribution.

We fully implemented the mindmaps engine based on JavaScript.

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We read a lot of great Drupal content last month, covering a few different topics. Git has been a reliable version control tool for a large number of closed and opensource projects. With Drupal being an extremely collaborative opensource content management framework, a trackable, transparent and distributed version control system like Git is a perfect fit. Patches are like band-aids. They are small pieces of code that are added on top of already existing code files to support it or to fix any issues.

By comparison, my initial experience with Ubercart was dating back to mark of one’s requirements with the Commerce Kickstart distribution.

The result is a feature set as impressive as it is ambitious, although the incremental updates and additions have come at a cost of significant technical debt, inconsistent API usage, a monolithic architecture, and fragility. ThinkShout, not being strangers to major rewrites, even of our own modules , and driven by our need to integrate Salesforce with our native Drupal CRM, RedHen , undertook the challenge to completely rewrite the Salesforce suite this fall.

The entire team, kostajh in particular, has been very receptive and helpful, and we eventually agreed that ThinkShout would do the rewrite in a new branch, 7. The maintainers gave ThinkShout access to the repository and project page, but not administrative control over the repository, understandably. That put us in a minor bind, however, as we are committing many hundreds of hours to a project we don’t have any control over.

This will likely change, but that’s our plan for now. In addition, with the systems modular OO design, we are laying the groundwork for a contrib ecosystem to handle more specific needs like Webform integration and lead generation. And, of course, developers can use the module as a starting point for their own solutions, be it importing Drupal users as contacts, lead generation through blog comments, etc. While not perfect, the OAuth flow is more secure and flexible than providing a single username and password.

The OAuth process, in short:. As of writing, the Drupal OAuth module, which we preferred to leverage, did not yet support the OAuth 2. Are, simply put, awesome. Salesforce field mappings are the configuraiton that guides how Salesforce objects and Drupal entities are syncronized.

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This week marked Acquia’s 10th anniversary. In , Jay Batson and I set out to build a software company based on open source and Drupal that we would come to call Acquia. In honor of our tenth anniversary, I wanted to share some of the milestones and lessons that have helped shape Acquia into the company it is today.

I was wondering if Drupal is the right choice to build seo friendly dating sites. Can someone give us some clues and examples?

Detailed description provided by the archive: Television in Finland began regular broadcasts in A total of Finlandia-Katsaus newsreels were made during the period between and As a counterweight to more militaristic descriptions of the fighting, the focus was on civilian subjects and on raising morale on the home front. Production was initially in the hands of a company named Finlandia-Kuva.

In addition, following an agreement on picture operations drafted in late , Finlandia-Kuva took care of the acquisition and distribution of all stills and motion picture material from state offices and establishments. These establishments were requested to notify Finlandia-Kuva of suitable interesting subjects as newsreel inserts. Finlandia-Kuva was sold, along with its archives, to Suomi-Filmi in Suomi-Filmi was a Finnish film production and distribution company dating back to The production of newsreels was temporarily interrupted in , owing jointly to shortages of film stock and the strict censorship regulations in force while the terms of the Paris Peace Treaty were being negotiated, but it picked up again in the following year.

Suomi-Filmi produced and distributed the newsreels and also screened them in its own cinemas up and down the country. Newsreels of this type were given an early boost by a favourable tax arrangement concluded back in It had to be at least metres in length approximately 8 minutes , and had to meet certain technical quality standards. One newsreel could contain an average of four to five news items. In the early years there was a shortage of materials in the film business, there were few hands to do the work, and the pace was hectic.

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I am almost always an optimist about the future, and Drupal 8 promised and usually delivered on many things:. But one thing that has always been annoying, and now is probably to the state of alarming, for some, is the fact that Drupal 8 adoption has still not hit a level of growth which will put it ahead of Drupal 7 adoption any time soon. This fact has been beaten to death, so you can read more about that elsewhere , or see the current usage graph here and yes, not every site reports back to Drupal.

And the main driver for this post, in particular, was the following tweet by webchick Angie Byron , who coincidentally is probably the main reason I dove headfirst into the Drupal community many years ago after she mentored me through my first core patch hi Angie! Time for my semi-annual pre- DrupalCon informal poll: If you’re still on Drupal 7 and haven’t moved to 8 yet, what’s holding you back?

Please RT.

: migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, custom theme We implemented it based on Drupal 8 Open Social distribution. An innovative dating site.

The LWN. LWN has been tracking Linux distributions since Early versions of the list consisted of links on the side bars of the weekly Distribution page. By the list had grown to fill both sidebars of the weekly page, often trailing far below any actual mid-page content. So the list was moved to a flat file and released on October 11, The next major release was on February 7,

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